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Gerret L.

When you've been to as many treatment centers as I, you keep thinking that this one will surely be the last one. I can truly say that today my experience in Wimberley has strengthened my bond with my higher power & this program. My experience at Solstice finally has me thinking a little outside the box (which is a necessity for somebody like me.) Anybody that has the pleasure of interacting with the staff knows that -- from top to bottom--these people whole heartedly want to help me on my journey in recovery. Got to love this place man!


David J.

What I found here at Solstice was a thoughtful, focused and quite strategic plan for each person to get through the 12 steps in an intimate, personal way. They say if recovery isn't going to be fun, I wouldn't do it. That's what sets Solstice apart. It's about restoring vibrancy and joy to life.

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Tom M.

This was my first recovery experience and because of the tools I received at solstice, I feel confident it will be my last. While solstice was created to serve people having been through many rehab programs, I felt right at home. All the staff and residents did anything and everything to help me fully realize my potential for a complete recovery. Anybody who is fully committed to finding a beneficial, healthy and fun way of living without substances should seriously consider Solstice Recovery.


Ethan H.

I am the only drug addict in my family, so coming to Solstice offered me one of the pieces of my life that I was always missing. Being around and able to relate to like minded individuals and share my experience with guys coming out of the grips of addiction is one of the bright spots in my life today.


Michael B.

This is by far the most unique and realistic treatment facility I have seen. They truly understand that recovering addicts have to want to get clean and also have to learn to have fun while being in recovery. They care enough to walk through the trials with their clients and help them when most people would walk away.

When I first heard about this facility, I thought it was a joke. But after meeting all the staff and Cole I immediately realized how special this place really is. They go after the chronic relapsers and try to give them hope. I have seen first hand accounts of their alumni and their success rate is incredible considering the clients they have had going through this program. I am honored to be affiliated with Solstice. I would recommend this facility to anyone whether it's your first time in treatment or your 20th. Give yourself a break and give Solstice a call


Andrew P.

Solstice is a hidden gem and if have come across this, you are lucky. I am an addict who is now sober thanks to this amazing place and the people that are affiliated with the center. I've been to Betty Ford and other top dollar establishments and continued to use. I came to SOLSTICE and my life changed. The way they show me that being sober can be fun opened my eyes to the fact that life without drugs or alcohol may be attainable. For twenty years, I could not even imagine life without these things. Now I have real friends, my family's support, a wife and daughter, and a whole new family with the Solstice Crew. If someone you know needs help or you do, look no further!