"When you've been to as many treatment centers as I, you keep thinking that this one will surely be the last one. I can truly say that today my experience in Wimberley has strengthened my bond with my higher power and this program. My experience at Solstice finally has me thinking a little outside the box which is a necessity for somebody like me. Anybody that has the pleasure of interacting with the staff knows that from top to bottom these people whole heartedly want to help me on my journey in recovery. Got to love this place man!"

Gerret L.

"This was my first recovery experience and because of the tools I received at solstice, I feel confident it will be my last. While solstice was created to serve people having been through many rehab programs, I felt right at home. All the staff and residents did anything and everything to help me fully realize my potential for a complete recovery. Anybody who is fully committed to finding a beneficial, healthy and fun way of living without substances should seriously consider Solstice Recovery." 

Tom M.

"Solstice is 100% unconditional love and support. I love these guys, and girl (Tara). With no money, nowhere else to go, they gave me a home for 30 days and taught me how to relate and be vulnerable with a group of men. This was my 7th time in a treatment facility. This was more like real life-- you either get well or you don't. t was awesome to see the guys that I had there with me grow alongside me like true brethren. Just a bunch of brothers trying to help each other and recover. Oh, and awesome gym, pool, food is amazing. Can't say enough good things about my experience and the man himself that helped pull me from the inevitable doom; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally: Cole Shiflet. Much love boys!"

Jonathan D.

"After my last relapse i remember telling myself i would rather die than go back to another treatment center. After talking with staff and friends of mine that have been through there i decided to give this place a shot. Although my stay was short lived i can still say with confidence that this place is not like your typical treatment center. The people here care about you and give you a chance to find out who you are at your own pace. The staff and the residents there make you feel like your apart of something big right off the bat. This place has saved my life and i am forever grateful for solstice recovery and the staff that works there."

Nathan B.

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"Solstice recovery center is a blessing in disguise!! There are 3 amazing recovery specialists that guide clients through the 12 steps and spiritual principles. The staff truly care and just want to help. They are true blessings that care about addicts and alcoholics a.k.a. DEGENERATES like myself. I am forever truly grateful. They gave me hope and faith when I had lost it in myself. I give SOLSTICE RECOVERY 10 ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!!! LOVE Y'ALL SOOO MUCH SOLSTICE FAMILY!!! THANK YOU!!"

Mike V.

"I was lucky enough to find Solstice through a mutual friend. These people truly care about helping and surrounding you with love and support. I will be forever grateful for the help and the friends I've made at Solstice. I know for a fact Solstice just wants to help people. I can confidently say they put their residents well being and happiness first."

Sean B.

"Greatest experience of my life. Love everyone affiliated with this place, especially Cole and Tara"

Dylan W.

"This is by far the most unique and realistic treatment facility I have seen. They truly understand that recovering addicts have to want to get clean and also have to learn to have fun while being in recovery. They care enough to walk through the trials with their clients and help them when most people would walk away.

When I first heard about this facility I thought it was a joke. However, after meeting all the staff and Cole I immediately realized how special this place really is. They go after the chronic relapsers and try to give them hope. I have seen first hand accounts of their alumni and their success rate is incredible considering the clients they have had going through this program.

I appreciate Cole and all the staff for what they did for me and what they are doing for the recovery community. I am honored to be affiliated with Solstice. I would recommend this facility to anyone whether it's your first time in treatment or your 20th. Give yourself a break and give Solstice a call..."

Michael B.

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