Seeing Solstice and their hard work, care and love for people for whom society has given up on is a true miracle. The people that come out of there know what real life and REAL hard work is all about. They are an inspiration to anyone who thinks they themselves work hard. Walk in the shoes of the people at Solstice and you will learn what hard work is all about.


Solstice gave my husband exactly what he needed to walk through his own recovery while supporting me and my family every step of the way. I had weekly check-ins with his recovery specialist and support from other staff members as well. They worked with our family to help get us through a very difficult time with added phone calls and support. I felt (and still feel) like my husband was exactly where he needed to be. While I don't talk to the staff on a regular basis anymore, I know they would be there for me and my family if we ever needed them. This is a crew that lives and breathes love, and I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me and my family.


After years of addiction and multiple rehabs, my son entered Solstice broken and hopeless. The brotherhood at this facility and their willingness to accept you as you are worked. My son is now over a year sober and has worked at Solstice for ten months. 
I visited Solstice last summer and was greeted by the staff with massive bear hugs. The environment is warm, sincere and compassionate. The men who come to Solstice have typically experienced multiple relapses and are helped by those like them. They get it.  As a parent, I am forever grateful and recommend Solstice to any family struggling.