Solstice is Back

For more than 4 years, Solstice Recovery has been providing life-affirming services to residents of Austin, Texas. Today, as we emerge from a shutdown due to COVID, we remain true to our roots with an unyielding commitment to helping each client we touch realize the miracle of recovery and a better life. What began as a little treatment center in Wimberley has quietly and steadily grown into not only a revered center for recovery, but also a very tight-knit extended family for men of all ages and backgrounds from all over the country.   We have prided ourselves on being the last house on the block when it comes to treatment and recovery and we wear our ‘Worst Boyz’ label proud.  Whether this is your 1st treatment or 15th, our clients are looked at the same and we believe that if you have the willingness to change, recovery is possible.  All of our staff is in recovery and we have an open-door policy with our alumni who often come out just to spread some positive light and show current residents that recovery can be crazy and fun.  Being that we are a big family, we have had our share of tragedy and heartbreak over the last few months while we were closed; we lost some very important people to the disease of addiction and we keep that pain and sadness very close to our hearts.  We choose to use this pain and sadness as  motivation to reopen our doors and get back to what we are good at: turning savage drug addicts into savage, loving members of society. To watch the 180 degree turn of a man who may have been homeless or locked up in jail and turned down from every other recovery center, begin to have hope and find himself is what fuels our fire 4 years into our journey out here in Wimberley. That is our goal and our mission, plain and simple: to give men who society has deemed bad or hopeless a chance to prove them wrong and to be shown a path that has worked for those that came before them.  

COVID crippled us financially, as it has many other businesses and families, and our heart goes out to them. We have been trying to figure out the right time to open back up but with so many uncertainties, who knows if the perfect time would ever come. Regardless of the uncertain times, we still want to be there for people that need us the most, so we have decided to take a leap of faith and get back to work.  At this time, we are unable to cover the full cost of treatment or offer scholarships to any potential Worst Boyz which is always our goal and it kills us to have to turn anyone down. Therefore, the support from our community is the only thing we can rely on.  Again, we understand that 2020 has, let’s just call it what it is, fucking sucked and everyone’s finances are tight, but any donations would go straight to our boys and would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us! It won’t be long until you’ll see that Solstice Van blasting some vulgar music and the Worst Boys jumping out smiling and laughing as they walk into a meeting or movie theater. Solstice is back bitches.