What it's all About

Our newest babysitter—oops, I mean Recovery Technician, Clint, decided to take the boys on a field trip to feed the homeless earlier this month. Clint, an Austin original and childhood friend of the King Baby himself (Cole) loaded up his 11 year old son, a bunch of the boyz, and about 80 plates of BBQ fajitas, rice and beans and headed down to the homeless encampments off Ben White and Manchaca. Our boys would never brag about helping others or look for pats on the back—so we are doing it for them. This is the essence of Solstice: helping others even when we can barely help ourselves. Not for money or prestige but simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Many of our clients have been homeless for periods of time due to this insidious disease and know first hand what it's like to go hungry and be left out on the streets with little to no hope of ever recovering. Consequently, it was a no-brainer for many of our guys to go out and provide some food—and more importantly some hope—to those struggling like we once did, too. It was a hell of an experience for all of us to not only help, but to come together as a family and we definitely grew closer. We are just a group of crazy f*ckin’ 'Worst Boyz' who are finally in a position to give back thanks to Solstice opening their doors to us. The day couldn’t have gone better. 🙌