12-Person Capacity Residential Recovery Center for Men


Solstice Recovery Center was founded as a retreat to help the chronic relapser. A get away for men who have been through multiple treatment centers and do not want to, do not have to, or cannot afford to go back to a traditional treatment center. SRC is focused on having a small twelve-man community where residents can focus on getting reconnected spiritually and re-engaging with the 12-steps. We are a community driven program where having fun and developing fellowship is just as important as working the Steps again.


Recovery Specialist- Each resident is provided with a Recovery Specialist with extended sobriety time who will help guide them on their journey through the 12-Steps.

12-Step Based Curriculum- Each resident is provided with a curriculum written by Solstice Staff based directly on the 12-Steps with three staff led groups daily.

Daily Outside Meetings- Residents are transported to outside recovery meetings five times per week. Residents are taken to many different fellowships to help experience the entire recovery community.

Weekly Outings- Residents are taken out weekly to engage in various activities to learn to enjoy life in recovery. From sports, movies, swimming and nature outings, the community gets to choose what activities they would like to attend.

Community Driven Experience- Residents are encouraged to work with each other through the program, cook and clean together, hold each other accountable, and make suggestions on group topics. 

Extra Services- Independently Contracted LCDC and Psychiatrist upon request (Separate Fee). Help with navigating current legal problems, health issues, and sober living placement.